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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tri color Cauliflower in USA and other colourful vegetables

Colorful Harvest is a grower and shipper of three shades of colorful cauliflower, orange, green and purple. The three colors of the cauliflower are the results of traditional plant breeding practices resulting in higher levels of certain natural pigments. “For example, Colorful Harvest's Orange Cauliflower derives its rich orange color from higher levels of beta-carotene, an important antioxidant and source of vitamin A. In fact, it has been found that there is up to 25 times more vitamin A in Orange Cauliflower than ordinary white cauliflower”, says Doug Ranno, COO.
The most important consumer groups of Colorful Harvest are the retail and food service categories. “Consumers and professional chefs enjoy the color, nutrition and flavor that our products add to their favorite recipes.” Each head of cauliflower is individually wrapped and the master carton can be packed with the combination of colors to suit the customer. All our products have potential for bulk volume as they grow in popularity and more people try them.”
Colorful Harvest has also got some other new products on the go. They grow Rainbow Crunch Carrots (5 colors in each bag), Sweet Red Corn, Purple Broccoli, as well as delicious strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. They have recently introduced Sweet Red Corn cobbettes for food service, and sports themed platters of Rainbow Crunch CarrotsTM for both food service and entertaining at home. Information on the entire Colorful Harvest family of products is available at

Orange, Purple & Green Cauliflower

These beautifully colorful cauliflowers are traditionally bred and is rich in anitoxydents and vitamin A. Available in a range of sizes, small to large, these colorful cauliflower heads are perfect for festive vegetable platters or used in place of white cauliflower in cooked vegetable dishes. Colorful and nutritious, this cauliflower adds creative flair and extra vitamins to any dish!

Purple Artichokes

The purple artichoke is a savory and versatile vegetable. Boil, microwave, or steam whole artichokes until they can be easily pierced with a fork at the base. The soft ends of the leaves and the tender, tasty heart at the core can be dipped in creamy, buttery sauces, and eaten as a appetizer or side dish. They can also be used as a creative ingredient in salads, or main dishes like pizzas, pastas, or casseroles.

Purple Broccoli

Colorful Harvest purple broccoli is a traditionally bred variety of the popular cruciferous vegetable that is rich in essential nutrients and is a colorful addition to salads, side dishes, and casseroles. Purple broccoli is another great way to start COOKING WITH COLOR!

Dark Red Strawberries

Conventional and organic strawberries, red and sweet all the way through, just as you would expect from the roadside farm stand. We grow full color varieties including Albions, Chandlers and Camarosas.

Sweet Corn Red

Our traditionally bred, heirloom style red corn is wonderfully sweet and tender. Sweet Red Corn is great for grilling!Enjoy it on the cob, or use the kernels to add great color and flavor to salsa, chutney, corn salad, and other dishes. Colorful Harvest Sweet Red Corn is rich in important phytonutrients and gets its deep red color from antioxidants called anthocyanins.

Rainbow Crunch™ Carrots

Colorful Harvest Rainbow Crunch Carrots are unique, traditionally bred and are available throughout the year in shades of red, orange, tangerine, yellow, white and cream. They are super sweet and kids love them! These heirloom style carrots have a full spectrum of important vitamins and nutrients--including the antioxidant lycopene.

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